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Below is a selection of some previous unique commissioned designs.

For more information on commissions, contact the artist.

Outback Adventure 1.jpg

Outback Adventure

Leviathan 1.JPG


Night return 1.jpg

Night Return

The Fisherman

Namkhan River, Laos Vietnam




The distance between us1.jpg

The Distance Between Us

A rose grows where nobody goes and nobody knows but me 1.jpg

A Rose Grows Where Nobody Knows But Me

Bear Necessities

Carys and Max big adventure.jpg

Carys & Max's Big Adventure

Dawn of a new day1.jpg

Dawn of a New Day

Elena's big adventure3.jpg

Elena's Big Adventure

Embryonic phase.jpg

Embryonic Phase


End of day 1.jpg

End of the Day

I will wait for you2.jpg

I Will Wait For You

the night dragon 1 (1).jpg

The Night Dragon

Shifting Horizons